Protecting your Privacy


Scotia Home & Auto Insurance Privacy Code - We Respect and Protect Your Privacy

At BNS Insurance Agency Inc., Belair Insurance Company inc. and Unifund Assurance Company, an important part of our mutual commitment to you is to provide you with service excellence, which includes respect for your privacy.

We collect, use and disclose your personal information for the purpose of providing insurance products and services. More specifically, we collect, use and disclose personal information about you to and from other external sources including other property and casualty insurers, public and private sector underwriting or claims or fraud information databases, and credit reporting agencies in order to: assess your application for insurance and insurance quotes, communicate with you about them; issue and manage your insurance quotes and insurance policies; process claims involving you; prevent, detect and prosecute fraud; analyze business results; and act as required or authorized by law. Your personal information is not sold or inappropriately disclosed to third parties.

Scotia Home & Auto Insurance has three privacy policies within this Privacy Code that may be applicable to you: 1) Scotiabank Privacy Agreement, applicable to all customers, given that BNS Insurance Agency Inc. is the distributor of the Scotia Home & Auto Insurance program; 2) Belair Insurance Company inc. (“Belair”) Privacy Promise, applicable to Quebec customers, as Belair is the underwriter of the program in Quebec; and 3) Unifund Assurance Company (“Unifund”) Privacy Statement, applicable to customers in the rest of Canada, as Unifund is the underwriter of the program outside of Quebec. By purchasing Scotia Home & Auto Insurance, you agree to be bound by the Scotiabank Privacy Agreement, the Belair Privacy Promise and/or the Unifund Privacy Statement, as applicable. You can access these respective privacy policies here:

These privacy policies may change from time to time. We encourage you to check the applicable websites periodically to obtain current versions.

In accordance with this Privacy Code, when you provide certain personal information to us, including when you submit an insurance quote, you are also giving your consent for us to collect, use and disclose that personal information to fulfill the identified purposes. You may withdraw your consent at any time, with reasonable notice, subject to legal or contractual obligations which we must fulfill. Withdrawal of consent may prevent us from providing you with the requested insurance products or services.

In certain circumstances, we may ask you to provide us with the personal information of other people to be insured or already insured under your insurance policy. When you provide us with another person’s personal information, you undertake to obtain their consent to provide us with said personal information and to our use of it in accordance with this Privacy Code.

You have a right to access and correct the personal information we have on file about you. To request access to your personal information, you can contact Belair or Unifund, as applicable:

Quebec Customers
Belair Insurance Company Inc.
Telephone: 1-866-941-5094

Customers – all Canada, except for Quebec
Unifund Assurance Company
Telephone: 1-866-405-6763

Last update: January 2023

®Scotia Insurance is a registered trademark of Bank of Nova Scotia and certain of its Canadian subsidiaries, used under license by BNS Insurance Agency Inc. (“BNSIA.”).

Policies are underwritten by Unifund Assurance Company (“Unifund”) and serviced by Johnson Inc., except in the province of Quebec where policies are underwritten and claims are handled by Belair Insurance Company Inc. (“Belair”).